Oil & Gas

Name Unit Price
Crude Oil (petroleum) USD/bbl. 52.36.
Diesel USD/bbl. 1.57.
Henry Hub Natural Gas USD/MMBtu 2.737.
Jet Fuel Daily USD/gal. 1.41.


Name Unit Price
Gold USD/t oz. 1829.3.
Silver oz t 2,482.50.
Copper USD/mt 7,943.26.
Platinum USD 1085.7.


Name Unit Price
Rice USD/mt 13.115.
Corn USD/mt 209.25.
Wheat USD/mt 186.01.
Sugar pound 16.45.

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Last update: January 17 2021 21:13:19

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When service needed to any project within the areas we operate, we normally are able to assist and consult.

We operate world wide and have skilled personnel and partners on site wherever we operate and trade.

We maintain positions at the global commodity markets as well as in the construction sectors.

NetKom Solutions Ltd.

We endeavor to serve our clients for best Solutions by ensuring efficiency, utilization and optimizing of every project.

Since 1996, NetKom Solutions Ltd. has become a company with an variety of business connections all among the world leaders in their fields.

NetKom Solutions Ltd. maintain committed to serve clients in an professional and social responsible manner.

NetKom Solutions Ltd. endeavor in all operations to ensure sustainable service at Our Clients.


NetKom select and invest in innovative and creative companies operating mainly within the energy, commodity and the payment solutions sectors and serve via funding or equity providing.



Air Cargo operate with different Carrier's and types of Cargo Aircraft's.


Shipping service with several lines.


Railway and trucking service international.

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